The Ceremony

The Sikh Ceremony Explained

The Sikh wedding ceremony is known as the Anand Karaj, which means a ceremony of bliss. In Sikhism, the ultimate goal of life is the realisation of God and this union with God is said to be more readily achievable through the wedding. The Anand Karaj is a symbol of the union of the individual spirit to the supreme spirit, God. Most Sikh weddings are held inside the Sikh temple (the Gurdwara) in the respected presence of the holy book (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji) and it is customary for the wedding to take place in the bride’s home town.

The actual Sikh wedding ceremony, the Anand Karaj, is under an hour, but as with all traditions prior to and after the ceremony, the wedding is generally 3-4 hours long.

  1. The Sikh Ceremony Explained
  2. Pre-wedding ceremony
  3. The Anand Karaj
    – Meaning of the 4 Lavan in a Sikh Wedding Ceremony
  4. Post-wedding ceremony